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Once upon of time ........

That's the way all fairy-tales begins, but this is not a fairy-tale, this is real.......
My life with dogs started out with a black miniature schnauzer-lady, it was a coincidence that she was a miniature schnauzer - but - what a lucky coincidence.

"Kia", whom I can thank for so many things, turned out to be an old lady.
She came into my life in 1989, and drew my attention to this breed. She possessed an ardent temper and was VERY intelligent.
Unfortunately she was not suitable for shows, as she was the "old model".
Instead she was a perfect obedience and agility dog. Three times she qualified for the annual Danish Agility Championship. She loved to hunt cats and mice. She was for sure a real Miniature Schnauzer.
"Kia" passed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 14.

In the meantime I had laid my eyes on the black/silver Miniature Schnauzers. I HAD to own such a dog. A lovely Italian import had just arrived in Denmark, Scedir Lucille-Na, and I ordered a puppy bitch after her. That was the beginning of my breeding programme.

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Titler: BEJSG94, DKCH, KLBCH, KBSG, INTCH, samt Guldhund 94
Stena Stamm's Lotus Luchiki

I got a wonderful puppy bitch called "Stena Stamm's Lotus Luchiki".
She did really wonderful things in the show-ring and won the following titles: BEJSG94, DKCH, KLBCH, KBSG, INTCH, and became the Golden Dog 1994.
"Chiki" and I spent very many wonderful moments together. Her size was 32 cm.
For many years "Chiki" lived together with some friends on the island of Als. She loved to be a single-dog. I have kept a nice puppy after her, a lovely male dog, Nero Argento's Alfa Romeo.
"Chiki" passed the Rainbow Bridge in 2004 at the age of 12.

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Nero Argento's Alfa Romeo

"Pelle", as he was called, sired 12 litters with a total of 60 puppies.
Pelle had a very harsh and deeply black coat and texture, a beautiful long head, very nice teeth, and a short body. His size was 35 cm.
Pelle obtained the following titles: Neumünster Jugengsieger 1996, Danish Champion, Club Champion, DCHVDH, DCHKLB, Klubsieger, International Champion and Austria/Hungary Sieger. Occasionally he was shown abroad, and also here he was appreciated.
On 14th May 1998 Pelle even took a group-2 placement in Lingen/Ems.
Pelle passed the Rainbow Bridge in 2009 at the age of 14.

daisy's puppies 2003
bellad's puppies 2003

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Titles: Bejsg96, SCH, DKCH, BW96, KBHV96, NORDV96, KLBCH, KBSG, INTCH, DCHVDH, DCHKLB, BCH og Golden Dog 96. Bridgewinner 2002, KBHV 2002, Golden Dog 2002+2004, Bedst Senior S/S og Breedwinner S/S 2002+2004
Scedir Shirley Tempol-Na

In 1995 I bought an Italian import: "Scedir Shirley Tempol-Na" - Tootsie.
She was close to being the most perfect creature I have ever seen. Her size was 34 cm, she had a harsh black coat and texture, a lovely short body, a beautiful head and eyes. Everything about her was so fantastic including moving like a dream. Also the judges agreed on that. Her temper and personality was amazing too. She won 25 titles and deserved each and one of them.
On 2nd January, 1997 she got her first litter, all beautiful puppies, which had the same beautiful movements like their mother. Tootsie gave birth again in November, 1999, and again in 2000.
To my very great sorrow Tootsie passed the Rainbow Bridge in 2006 at the age of only 11½. I shall never forget my dearest friend.

Tootsie's puppies 1997
Tootsie's puppies 1999
Tootsie's puppies 2000

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Titles: DKCH
Nero Argento's Bella bellissima

From Tootsie I kept a lovely bitch, Nero Argento's Bella Bellissima - Bellis. She was born on 2nd January 1997. In shows she did very well and obtained Certificate and BIM. In 1998 she was the top-1 ranking black/silver bitch.
Her size is 34½ cm. Her coat is very harsh and very black, and her movements very good. On 5th September 1999 Bellis received her last Certificate and became so Danish Champion. She is now concentrating on catching cats and mice in the fields together with her foster parents Dorte and Kay. Bellis is also an experienced sailor, an ability she has passed on to some of her puppies.

bellis's puppies 1998
bellis's puppies 2000

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Titles: DKCH, SCH og Guldhund 99
Nero Argento's Carissima

"Cookie" - "Coco" lives in Ikast. She is from Tootsie's litter sired by Bandsman Double Scoop and born on 24th November 1998. All four puppies were beautiful, with some fantastic movements and long beautiful heads.
"Cookie" is the clown of the family. Every time visiting dogs arrive, she is playing and entertaining. "Cookie" became Danish Champion on 17the October 1999. She was also the Black/Silver Top Dog of 1999, which made her The Golden Dog 1999. On 1st April 2001 she became Swedish Champion.

Coco's puppy 1999
Coco's puppies 2001
Coco's puppies 2002

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Scedir Quella Bella

"Toffee" is a quite special dog. She is an import from Italy and moved in with us on 2nd May 1998, 4½ month old. She is small - only 32 cm - but she does not know that!
She moves wonderfully, however she became never a show dog. She preferred to stare into the eyes of the judges rather than look smart in the shows. However, there must be room for that type of dog too. In fact I do not think she realizes at all being a dog!!
Now "Toffee" lives on the island of Mors together with Gitte and Michael, who loves her dearly.
Toffee's puppies 2000
Toffee's puppies 2001

TOFFEE has done modelling....
see the result

Click on the photo to visit Silva on Marianne's website
And here, for a look at her pedigree.
Nero Argento's Dolce Silva

"Silva" was a puppy after Pelle and Bellis born on 5th November 1998.
She preferred obedience and agilty to show life. At her first show, however, she obtained the title of "Best Baby", and she has also as an adult obtained placements of Champion Quality. She was 34 cm tall. "Silva" was co-owned and lived with Marianne on Sealand.
"Silva" passed the Rainbow Bridge to meet all her friends.

Silva's puppies 2001
Silva's puppies 2003

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Nero Argento's Ecco il Migliore 

"Topper" is a real boy, who is not afraid of anything. He is after "Tootsie" and "Frede". He is 35 cm tall, very masculine and well-proportioned.
He has participated in some shows and obtained Champion Quality. "Topper" is a very happy boy and chasing birds is his favourite occupation. He has sired four litters with a total of 17 puppies.
He lives with a good foster family in Ikast.

Liva's puppies 2002
Sille's puppies 2002
Topper's Odensepuppies 2002

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Nero Argento's Hallo Donna Graziosa

"Ronja" is a very sweet dog, very femine. She is 33 cm tall with beautiful colours.
"Ronja" is still youthful lady, and apparently she still loves to participate in shows. She knows how to charm everybody, and she has received many fine placements. She is Danish Champion, Club Champion, Golden Dog and Golden Veteran Dog. She is after "Bellis and "Otto".
She is living with her foster family in Silkeborg. There are three kids, which is perfect for Ronja with her cheerful temper.

Ronja's puppies 2002
Ronja's puppies 2003

You can meet my beautiful sister Liva"Liva", Nero Argento's Hallo Bella Donna - here.

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Nero Argento's Iso Griffo

"Fjotte - the canonball", is busy all the time - (and sometimes more than that).
He is owned by Kennel Nero Argento, but lives in Ikast, where he keeps her foster mother very busy and on her toes. "Fjotte" is a big handsome boy with an incredible charm. He has an enormous energy, therefore, it is not easy to control him in a show ring. He is after "Tootsie"and "Uncas".

Bella's puppies 2002

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Nero Argento's Kamela La Carina

"Mille is a small girl, who used to belong to Kennel Nero Argento.
She is after "Silva" and "Otto", and she is very sweet and gentle. Mille is only 30 cm tall.
As she lives far away, she has not participated much in shows. However, she has obtained a 1st price in her one and only show. The puppies she has given birth to are very fine.

Mille's hvalpe 2004

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Titles: DKCH
Nero Argento's Lotus L'Amabile

"Lotus" - who is after "Coco" and "Otto", was meant to have a new home in Norway. Due to some complications she joined us in stead, even though there was not room for two puppies of the same age. However, we enjoyed having her, and she was a very fascinating and a very promising little dog.
She received her first certificate at the age of 14 months. Since then she has obtained several champion certificates. Lotus is 33 cm tall. Her coat is extremely harsh and deep black.
She has a temper but in a clever and sweet way, which leaves it to a bright fantasy to imagine a beautiful winner, when she is digging big holes in Mianne's flowerbeds. They are living in Ikast.

Lotus's puppies 2003
Lotus's puppies 2005
Lotus's puppies 2006

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Suzuki Baleno Gambler

Also called "Nemo" - is imported from Poland, where he was breeded with much love. He is always very sweet and gentle, and he is also looking hansome.
He is a large size, has a very harsh and deeply black coat. He loves to show and he is very good at it. "Nemo" lives with his foster family in Ikast.
"Nemo" is certified clear of PRA, Myotonia Congenita and other inheritable eye defects.

daisy's puppies 2004
freja's puppies 2004
Sille's puppies 2004

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Nero Argento's Nazzario Aprilia

"Fernando" is after "Liva" (you can meet Liva here) and "Topper". He is a very lovely male with all his four paws planted in the solid mould of Jutland.
He is 34 cm tall and very strongly built. One of his first shows was in Berlin, from where he returned home as "Berlin Jugendsieger", and his mother won the title of "Berlin Sieger" on the same day.
"Fernando" has enjoyed several ladies' visit. It has been interesting to see how the breeding has developed in the new generation.

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Nero Argento's Perla Fantastica

"Xantia" has been owned by my Kennel; she is living together with "Fjotte" and Lone in Ikast.
Xantia is after "Lars v.d. Brunnengärten" and "Ronja". She is a sturdy bitch and is 34-35 cm tall.
Where Xantia is, something is always happening. She has many qualities, which she has passed on to her gorgeous puppies. Most of them have done extremely well and made it possible to continue the good family lines.

Xantia's puppies 2004
Xantia's puppies 2005
Xantia's puppies 2006

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Nero Argento's Una Regina

"Lucca" is a born entertainer with a good sense of humour. She is very lovely and charming.
"Lucca" is after "Dustin" and "Ronja". Both of them were Golden Dogs in 2003. That has put some obligations on their little daughter's shoulders.
"Lucca" has given birth to two litters, the puppies of which have been quite special, and who have been fantastic for my future breeding.
"Lucca" lives with a nice family in Kibæk.

Lucca's hvalpe 2006

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Scedir Ustinov Peter

Peter is some very special creature. From Scedir in Italy, he came to Denmark.
At first I borrowed him. I entered him for shows without unrestrained, and no matter where he presented himself, he won and has received a substantial number of well-deserved titles.
I did not want to loose Peter, so after some negotiations I was allowed to buy him, which I have never regretted. I believe that neither has Peter, who now lives with good friends in Frederikshavn. He enjoys life together with three other Minature Schnauzer boys.

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Nero Argento's Xtra Ordinario

"Kenzoboy" is son after "Peter" and "Xantia" He is so gorgeous. He is beautifully black, and 35 cm tall. His angulations and build are very nice. The same are his movements - that is if it suits him to show them.
"Kenzo" is being well taken care of by Ulla and Vagn in Bjerregrav. However, he somehow manages to convince them that a Miniture Schnauzer MUST have his nose in close contact with the soil at all time. This behaviour is giving me great problems, when he is presented in the show ring. However, such problems must be solved. His puppies have continued his promising development.

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Nero Argento's Evviva Enrica

"Rica" or "The Weed" - is a very active young lady who is a member of my kennel. She has some qualities and a pedigree, which I appreciate very much. "Rica" lives with a family of three adults and two children in Ikast. The children are Frederik and Amalie, who are 8 and 11 years old. It could be said that she gets all the challenges she needs. However, at the same time she twists her family around her little paw.
"Rica" has had one litter. The puppies are all nice and beautiful.

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Nero Argento's Evviva Enzo

"Enzo" is a VERY handsome dog. He has beautiful outlines and a beautiful trot.
Unfortunately he does not like shows. When he is not participating in a show, he shows all his abilities, but unfortunately not in the show ring.
"Enzo" has sired two litters of beautiful puppies. "Enzo lives together with "Nemo" in Ikast, and they both enjoy each others company.

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Præstekjærs Isadora

"Isa" lives now with Birthe and Knud in Vildbjerg. She is the daughter of Nero Argento's Xtra Ordinario and Præstekjær's Bianca, who is after Nero Argento's Ferrari Fantastica, a line I very much want to keep.
"Isa" is a lovely little girl, but also incredibly compact. She is 33 cm tall.
"Isa" is always ready to have some fun, and she can get the most boring dog off the couch. "Isa" is Danish Champion, Danish Clubchampion and twice Golden Dog. In fact I believe that she will also be beautiful and funny, even when she gets old.
"Isa" has had two litters of puppies, who have met all my expectations completely.

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Corante’s Esonata Arctica.

called "Tica" is imported from Kennel Corantes in Finland.
She is the grand daughter of my lovely "Tootsie", who sadly is no longer here. So I was happy to get a puppy from Scedir Gary Grant and Nero Argento's Ecco la piu Bella.
"Tica" is a sweet little bitch, but her self-esteem is huge. She is afraid of not being noticed, and she will do anything to prevent that from happening.
"Tica" is 33 cm tall and feminine; but also a tomboy.

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Nero Argento's Hey Chiara Baschetti

"Cleo" lives with the Ravn family in Ikast. In the family there are three lively children, Laura, Sigurd and Karla. Their vitality is something that suits Cleo perfectly.
"Cleo" is the result of Xantia's romance with the gorgeous Solo from Italy.
"Cleo" has the same compact body as her father. She is a tall girl - 34-35 cm, and very luscious. Her puppies have inherited their mother's attractive look.

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Nero Argento's Igino L’italiano

Walther" lives also in Ikast, like so many of my dogs.
Mianne takes good care of him. He is very lucky living together with two other Miniature Schnauzers. His father is Solo and his mother is Lotus. They are both short and compact. It appears that they have passed these qualities on to their offspring.
"Walther" is a virile young male, who for the moment loves to show himself off. He has sired three litters. All puppies have turned out to be very nice.

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Nero Argento's King's Kachine

Eventually "Kachi" has been unwrapped and beneath her coat, she has turned out to be an adorable young lady.
In general she is very nice, she moves well, and she has a high spirit.
"Kachi is still everybody's lovable dog, whom we all want to hug and cuddle all the time! She is 33 cm tall, and at her first show she obtained an EXELENT 1.
I am really happy that she still belongs to me.
She lives in Ikast with Ragnhild, who is looking after her.

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Breaking Rules z Dixie

"Uno" arrived from The Czech Republic, Kennel z Dixie, in the Summer of 2007.
"Uno" is very busy looking after all his ladies - an obligation he takes very seriously.
He moves like a dream, his colours are fantastic, and fortunately he has passed them on to his puppies. At the same time he has been a good and loving "Daddy", who willingly has played with his "kids". He is a very interesting dog, and he has done very well in shows.
"Uno" lives in Spøttrup with Ellen and Lars.

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Angel Soul z Dixie

"Micha" is also from Kennel z Dixie from The Czech Republic. She came to Denmark together with "Uno".
"Micha" is gentle and is feeling comfortable together with other dogs and with people. She has her favourites. She has, therefore, moved to her dog friend Bella and most of all to her girl friend Nanna in Århus. Her new family includes also Josefine, Lotte and Kim, and they all give her what she needs and deservs.
"Micha" has very beautiful movements, and one of the most beautiful heads. She has developed well.
Unfortunately she cannot be used in breeding, as she has an advanced Catarakt.

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Cosmic Wonder z Dixie.

"Panda" is my third little Czech from Kennel z Dixie.
She is a lovely small hug dog, therefore, her pet name suits her perfectly.
"Panda" is built very beautifully. She has a firm and nice body together with fine movements.
Unfortunately her coat is not of any high quality. She is just a small girl, who loves everything and everybody dearly.
"Panda" lives in Vedbæk with a nice family.

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Nero Argento's Quella Quieta.

"Cactus's" parents are the fantastic couple Walther and Paxi.
She is 33-34 cm tall, a firm and compact dog - shortly speaking she is a luscious creature.
"Cactus" lives in Silkeborg together with my little Ronja. They both enjoy each others company.
In shows she has done very well so far, and I hope, of course, that she will continue to do so in the future.

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Nero Argento's WW Pilot Cara Fiona.

"Fiona" is the result of "Isa's" romance with "Pilot".
"Fiona" is beautiful and very special. In fact she likes animals better than human beings. She makes a harsh screening of people.
She has done well in shows, so it will be exciting to follow her in the future. She is engaged in agility, and I am certain, that she enjoys it very much.
She is compact and is between 33 and 34 tall.

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Nero Argento's WW Pilot Massimo.

"Massimo's" parents are also "Isa" and "Pilot".
"Massimo" is a small masculine gentleman with a height of 33 cm.
I love very much to watch him, when he bothers to show all his gifts. However, that is precisely what we are discussing frequently, because he is very very stubborn, and does not care to walk in a leash in shows. However, that is not up to him to decide.
At home he bosses Jette and Jørgen in Them, and they even do not know it!!

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JWW2010 Nero Argento's Ze-Ze Zmilla.

"Zmilla" is a small girl - her height is 31½ to 32 cm.
She is the result of her mother Tica's Swedish romance with "Ragnar".
"Zmilla is lovely. She has beautiful movements and fantastic colours.
These qualities among others made her the 2010 JUNIOR WORLD WINNER.
She lives in Ulfborg with Mona, her little boy Magnus and "Assia" (another Miniture Schnauzer). Her "mother" Mona is doing an excellent effort with regard to training and keeping her coat.
"Zmilla is a happy little dog, and she possesses quite frankly the World Winner tittle in begging food.

Viacirka's Monkey Face.

A monkey moved in.
You can follow "Little My" on www.affenpinscher.dk

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Nero Argento's Koscina Sylva.

Lovely "Cina" with the beauteful look in her eyes is attached my kennel.
She is living with the Bak family in Lind close to Herning. Another mini schnauzer called Fie does also live here, all members of the family love Cina.
Cina is the result of a romance between Fiona and German "Ashley Noreen von Marten" .
Both parrents are beautiful, and Cina has inherited the best from both of them.
Her height is 33 cm and she has potential. Unfortunately she does not consider taking part in shows the funniest activity, she hnows. Hopehully she will change her mind.

Laroussus Kit Kat.

Another monkey moved in.
You can follow "Micro" at www.affenpinscher.dk

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Nero Argento's Laura Morante.

The live wire "Aura" has also joined us. Everybody loves Aura. She is sweet, funny, and friendly to all and everybody, she meets.
Her height is 33-34 cm. Aura is easy to work with, and it will be interesting to follow her in the time to come.
Scedir Nembo Kid, who lives in Finland, is he father, and beautiful Assia is her mother.
She lives together with Lone in Ikast. They take care of and look after each other.

My dogs live in the house together with me, we are active in the local dogs-club, where the dogs are trained obedience and agility. I am an agility coach as well and warmly recommends this sport, that is perfect for miniature schnauzers.

This was a little bit of informations about my kennel. If you would like more informations or have any questions please contact me by mail or phone.
Mail me !!
You can also e-mail me

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